Go Positive

The Power of Your thoughts

Everything starts from a simple thought.Did you ever take a moment to reflect about that?

That’s also how Petra Organics started. One day, tired and exhausted of looking for healthy beauty products to take care of my skin, an idea crossed my mind like a flash: what if I was to create my own healthy products?

What if I can help other people who are dealing with the same issue? Are there other people out there who need good products to take care of their skin?

People who are also desperately looking for solutions just like me?

And I started to make a plan…

I took a leap of faith and I followed my passion of helping others have a healthier lifestyle.

If you know someone who is looking for healthy beauty products, ask them to check out Petra Organics.

Together we can spread the word and make a difference for the better in someone’s life.

But today it is not about me, it’s about YOU.

What are your passions? What are your dreams and desires? What do you really want, if you know for sure you cannot fail?

Start your own journey to a happier lifestyle today, with a simple thought.

Reflect about your thoughts and your inner desires. Listen to your heart and your inner voice, you’ll know exactly what to do.

I believe in you and I believe you can have everything you wish for, if you want it bad enough.

Don’t give up on yourself, even when everyone else does…

I am here for you.


Petruta C

Go Positive

A way of living

Love, peace & meditation – a way of living.


In a stressful society like nowadays, we need to make some room to be able to decompress and connect ourselves with a greater force: The Creator.

We are all humans, we have daily struggles, situations that make us feel insecure or even lost sometimes. How would you feel if you knew for sure that there is Someone that watch over you and it is there for you every time you need His help ? Take a moment and think about that.

It is important to remember that life is a gift and we don’t know how long we can enjoy this wonderful gift that God gave it to us.

How would you spend it? With joy and gratitude or by looking at the dirt? Because we all have both of them in our lives.

I know this for sure: by myself, I cannot do anything but with His help I could do everything.

Meditation it is very healthy, because our minds needs to be nourished as well as our bodies; at least one a week, connect yourself with the greatest force of all and accept Love in your life. Life will be more beautiful and you will be more happier.

Go Positive

Happiness looks gorgeous on you :)



Life can be tricky sometimes and if you don’t focus you attention on the positive aspects of your life, it can be very easy to get depressed, unhappy and overwhelmed.

Sounds familiar? No worries ! In this article I would like to share with you the secrets that helped me to be happier when I was in an emotional whole so deep, that I barely could get out of bed.

1.  Fist of all, you need to reduce the contact with the negative environment ; it can be one very close person, sometimes even family members, think about who or what is a negative influence for you and reduce it or eliminate that source.

2. You need to make a list. I know! Booooring! But this is a fun list. Make a list of all the things you are grateful for, even the smallest things that bring you joy.

3. Use the past in your advantage. Remember about that successful experience you had? How did that make you feel? Close your eyes for a moment and relive that great feeling of success, be on top of the world again and keep that feeling as much as you can.

image2 (1)

4. Enjoy YOU! Remember you? It’s ok to have some time with yourself and nobody else. Time to do the things you like doing,  going to the beach, reading a good book, dancing and singing in the comfort of your house. Why not? You are special, unique and wonderful and it is time to truly LOVE yourself. 

5. Always look for the bright side. It is very hard when we are finding ourself in a desperate, sad situation to see the positive part. It can be hard, but not impossible, and with practices it will become easier and easier. And there’s always a bright side!

6. It’s ok to make mistakes. we are human. Every failure is a way to learn. You cannot succeed without failure, it’s just the way it works. Successful people know that. Be one of them and stop expecting perfection in everything. 

7. Meditate, pray and listen to the nature sound. We miss the beauty of life because of all the things that happen to us. Let’s consider that those things happen FOR us and not to us and they will make us be better human beings.

8. Give a smile to someone today! I discovered that nothing makes me happier than helping people. Help others and you will feel their joy.

9. Live your life the way you want, not by someone else’s rules. It’s ok to make compromises, but it’s not ok to loose yourself in the process. Don’t let fears and negative people to hold you back from your dreams. Go for it, with all your heart.


10. Feel love. Innocent love. Unconditioned love. My puppy dog , Teddy was a Christmas gift and I can’t explain how much fun and love he brings me. He is incredible lovable.

Your life it’s your creation. Make it wonderful. I hope you will find your true happiness and remember, enjoy the power of nature. ” Health isn’t everything, but without it everything else is nothing ” – Schopenhauer.

Petra Organics is here for you, feel free to contact us, we will be happy to hear from you.