It’s all about choices?


Isn’t it interesting how our life can turn one way or another because of our choices? Most of the time we don’t even take the time to really think about what we choose, it’s almost like an instant action.

Take that shirt, choose that food, hang with those people…Have you ever thought how your life would have been if you had chosen differently? Different friends, different lifestyle, different places, different boyfriend…


It’s fascinating how a few seconds can change a person’s life forever? Think about the people who in a challenging situation react without thinking just based on their emotions. Saying bad, hurtful words to the ones they love, doing bad things for some fast coming money, lying because it seems more convenient or even crime that can cost them their life, freedom and happiness.

Have you ever wondered about how your life would have been if…? Do you have a few things in your life that you wanted to turn out differently?

You maybe need to be healthier? You maybe need more happiness? You need more money maybe? Or maybe you just need to feel like a better person?

We can all change some little things that can have a big impact over time and put us on the right track to get whatever it is that we really want.  Things like being more grateful every day,  which I know it can be hard sometimes. But by switching our thinking from what you don’t have to what we do have and feel happy about it can make our day and the people we interact with so much better.


Giving a smile to someone in need it’s a powerful thing. Giving a pair of shoes you don’t really wear to someone with no shoes or broken ones  can make their life better. And think about the joy we can spread by doing little good things one at a time …

So here I am trying to be a better version of myself and I hope my thoughts will inspire you to achieve the things you really wish for in your life. 

From my heart to your heart, 

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