Go Positive

A way of living

Love, peace & meditation – a way of living.


In a stressful society like nowadays, we need to make some room to be able to decompress and connect ourselves with a greater force: The Creator.

We are all humans, we have daily struggles, situations that make us feel insecure or even lost sometimes. How would you feel if you knew for sure that there is Someone that watch over you and it is there for you every time you need His help ? Take a moment and think about that.

It is important to remember that life is a gift and we don’t know how long we can enjoy this wonderful gift that God gave it to us.

How would you spend it? With joy and gratitude or by looking at the dirt? Because we all have both of them in our lives.

I know this for sure: by myself, I cannot do anything but with His help I could do everything.

Meditation it is very healthy, because our minds needs to be nourished as well as our bodies; at least one a week, connect yourself with the greatest force of all and accept Love in your life. Life will be more beautiful and you will be more happier.

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