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“I wear contacts and was experiencing difficulty with allergy related symptoms. I was wearing a waterproof mascara that I could never really get completely off at night. I wore it though because it didn’t flake or run run under my eyes. It got to the point that I wasn’t wearing my contacts or mascara at all for a while. When I started again, someone suggested I get an organic mascara. My search pulled up this one and I’m so glad I tried it. It is really good mascara. It does not flake or smear under my eyes unless, of course they tear for some reason. It is not water proof, but stays put really well throughout the day and comes off so easily with by regular cleansing cream. I haven’t experienced any irritation in my eyes while wearing it.”  – Janice Ross


“I have sensitive eyes and even an “organic ” product I tried made them burn. This mascara is amazing. You can’t even notice it’s on and it looks great. I’m so pleased with it. I’ve also noticed it has good staying power” – NH Mommy

“This mascara is good. It doesn’t clump during application and stays put throughout the day even though it is not waterproof. I have itchy sensitive eyes and I can wear this mascara even when I have contact in without my eyes getting too itchy. The color is nice and dark, I am going to get it in brown too.”-  Gina M

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